Youth Arena – Rio2016

Youth Arena – Rio 2016

The Youth Arena is a new facility and one of the main venues of Deodoro Olympic Park. It has a maximum capacity of 5000 spectators and hosted during the Olympic Games Rio2016 the basketball competitions, fencing of modern pentathlon and wheelchair fencing.

The Youth Arena was conceived as a multipurpose indoor arena able to accommodate a variety of events in normal operation, after the Olympic Games Rio2016.

The architectural concept exposes and reveals the structure, which is a significant part of the image and perception of the building.

The Arena has an impressive volumetry, with its rectangular shape 103,50m long and 87,00m wide and a total height of 40.60m.

In the building envelope the highlight goes to the 70m span tridimensional tubular steel trusses and to the slender columns. The services and access floors are in composite steel-concrete structure. The grandstands are reinforced precast concrete elements supported by the building main steel structure. The basement accommodates the technical areas and is a cast in place reinforced concrete structure. For the foundations, 0.60m bored piles were used connected at the top by pile caps. The whole building totalizes 1 800ton of structural steel, 610ton of reinforcement steel and 5 600m³ of concrete.

GRAVIDADE, in partnership with Focus Group, integrated the winner design team consortium of the international public competition sponsored by the State Government of Rio de Janeiro. It was engaged to do the Project Management of the Youth Arena Structures and Foundations projects and it was responsible for the structural design and detail projects. The design office Tetraplano was in charge of the foundation project.

Photos: / Heusi Action Images

Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Client: Prefeitura do Rio de Janeiro, Ministério dos Esportes | Focus group

Scope: Coordenation, Concept Design, Final Design

Date: 2013-2015