André de Rezende School

André de Rezende School

The primary and secondary André de Rezende School project, in Évora, intended to implement a function and space reorganization, as well as an expansion program. The total gross area is 6.200m².

The scope of the project included several studies: earth retaining structures, foundation and structures.

The expansion consists in the construction of two new buildings. The first one, designed to receive secondary school activities, has a net deployment area of 2.650m² and two floors (ground level and a 1st level). The second building, designed to receive primary school activities, has just a floor with 1.240m² of net deployment area.

Building 1 plan has an “L” shape in a rectangle of 73.5 x 62.2m. It is divided in 3 parts by means of expansion joints. The structural system is reinforced concrete flat slabs supported by columns in the interior and by a peripheral beam on the boundary. The resistance to horizontal actions is ensured mainly by boundary frames and walls or cores.

Building 2 has a rectangular plan shape, 54.0m long by 20.6m wide. The roof reinforced concrete slab is a succession of inclined planes with alternating slope senses. The roof is supported by a column mesh of 6.85m by 6,00m.

The foundation is direct by means of footings over cyclopean concrete with a variable thickness, depending on the relevant substrates occurrence depth.

Location: Évora, Portugal

Client: Câmara Municipal de Évora

Architecture: Arqwork Arquitectura

Scope: Conceptual Design, Final Design

Date: 2010