Deodoro Olympic Park – Rio2016

Deodoro Olympic Park – Rio 2016

The region of Deodoro, located in Rio de Janeiro West area, will host eleven Olympic sports competitions: equestrian, cycling – mountain bike and BMX -, modern pentathlon, shooting, canoeing – slalom -, hockey, rugby and basketball. In addition, it will host the 7-a-side football, shooting, equestrian and wheelchair fencing events at the Paralympic Games.

The Deodoro Sports Complex had previously host events at the 2007 Pan American Games and the 2011 World Military Games. Consequently it already had some existing facilities like the National Shooting Centre, the swimming pool used for the modern pentathlon and the National Equestrian Centre. These venues were adapted to fulfill the Olympic requirements. Additionally, another three permanent facilities were built: The Youth Arena, the BMX track and the canoe slalom course stadium.

After the Olympic Games, the canoe slalom course and the BMX track will be part of the Radical Park, which will be the event’s sport legacy for the region. Covering an area of 500.000m², the park will be the city’s second largest, only behind Flamengo’s Park. The sport facilities will have a combined use, as Olympic Training Centre for high performance athletes and as leisure spots for the population.

This project is the result of an international public competition sponsored by the State Government of Rio de Janeiro in the beginning of 2013. GRAVIDADE, in partnership with Focus Group, integrating the winner design team consortium, was engaged to do the Project Management of Structures, Foundations, Earthwork and Roads disciplines and was responsible for the Structures design and detail projects in association with the design office Tetraplano.

Photos: / Heusi Action Images

Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Client: Prefeitura do Rio de Janeiro, Ministério dos Esportes | Focus group

Intervention Area: 2.5 million 

Scope: Coordenation, Concept Design, Final Design

Date: 2013-2015